SP Maskiner Harvester Heads

SP 591 LX

High speed powerhouse for extreme jobs

LX stands for LOGGING XTREME – meaning XTREME conditions. The xtreme, robust and uncompromised LX design ensures highest reliability and productivity under the toughest conditions. Thanks to unique detail solutions, the LX design offers a minimum need for service and maintenance. The LX harvester head is first and foremost known for its xtreme strength, reliability and toughness – but thanks to smart solutions like proportional pressures, the SP patent LogHold and QuickCut, it is also fast, efficient and easy to work with.

The uncompromised LX design is to be found all throughout the harvester head, from large components like frame and knives down to pins and seals. The SP 591 LX can be equipped with a very efficient debarking function. In combination with the robust LX design and high speed feeding, makes this head a perfect choice for harvesting and debarking of eucalyptus plantations.

SP 761 LF

Raw power and IQ combined

LF stands for the LOW FRICTION that appears between trunk and the harvester heads in the LF series.

LF minimizes the friction during the feeding and by doing so it maximizes the performance and production of the harvester head. The low friction also minimizes fibre damage, harvester head wear as well as fuel consumption on the carrier.

Besides the low friction, the LF series harvester heads are also known for their high capacity/weight ratio as well as their compact and nimble design that makes them very easy to maneuver in dense stands.

The SP 761 LF is and excellent choice for large and limby woods, with and extremely strong frame and well protected components. For very demanding species and operations, this head can be equipped with 4wd feeding for extra grip and pulling force. The SP 761 LF stand out from the competition with its unique combination of toughness, durability, raw power and many smart solutions – the IQ.

SP 861 LF

Raw power and IQ combined

The SP 861 LF is a powerful and reliable high performance harvester head. It is designed according to the LF principle for maximum productivity. The SP 861 LF is specifically designed for installation on tracked carriers and demanding harvesting applications.

With an extremely strong overall design, well protected components and a maximum pulling force of 46 kN (10 340 lbf), the SP 861 LF is an excellent choice for large and limby woods. However, what really separates the SP 861 LF from the competition lies in its unique combination of toughness, power and the many smart solutions. A combination that ensures both highest possible reliability and uptime as well as productivity and user friendliness. The SP 861 LF truly is - raw power and IQ combined.

The SP 861 LF is available both as a cut to length harvesting head as well as a dedicated processor with topping saw and specially designed processor knives for increased performance and productivity when processing decked wood out of a pile.

The SP 861 LF reaches top performance in stands with a diameter of 25 to 55 cm (10 - 22 degrees) bhd but, is thanks to the LF principle, also capable of efficiently working larger tree sizes.