TimberPro Range

Whether it's Forwarding, Harvesting, or Skidding. TimberPro machines are among the most unique and well built available.

The range, consisting of wheeled and tracked harvesters, feller bunchers and forwarders are highly versatile and capable of contending with terrain and slope that is typically difficult to handle.

The versatility of the Timberpro range lies in its ability to carry large harvesting heads and heavy loads across rocky terrain and up steep slopes, the wheeled 630 Timberpro harvester being the only wheeled harvester that can process trees up to 800mm diameter.

The forwarder can also be converted to either a clam bunk or skidder, the unit again having the ability to traverse rough terrain effectively.

TF 830 / TF 840 / TF 810

Strength & Stability - Most versatile wheeled machine in the world

The TimberPro line of machines come standard with 360˚ continuous rotation, allowing the operator to always face the line or work. This feature also gives the operator the ability to remove timber from 360˚ around the machine. Including the option to work over the front of the machine, just as well as the sides and rear.

This TimberPro range of machines have been proven effective in many applications and most importantly as a combo machine, equipped with a quick detach boom to allow conversion from a forwarder to a harvester in about 10 minutes.

TB 830 / TB 630

Only wheeled machines in the world to handle larger cutting attachments

The TimberPro line of wheeled harvesters and feller bunchers are proven to increase production, especially on rough terrain or when cutting scattered timber. These machines come standard with 360˚ continuous rotation, giving the operator the ability to harvest timber 360˚ around the machine – including the option to work over the rear of the machine just as well as the front.